Local Potency. Nationally Delivered Introducing 1XL Pure Scale with
Limitless Opportunities
Mass Localisation Reaching the Heart
of Local Communities


For the first time 1XL brings you the power of local on a truly national scale. Use us nationally and we can replace or complement the coverage you see from the Portals in an advertising environment that is longer established, more sought, more invested in, more trusted, more British and more responsive.

With monthly unique de-duplicated reach exceeding 26.4m users, we offer you more first-party scale than some of the Portals, along with unique content, unparalleled data -targeting and unrivalled local reach. What’s more, it’s a very simple process. For the first time advertisers are offered one point through which to navigate this powerful but historically fragmented and complex area of the digital ecosystem.

1XL is made up of the most established blue chip publishers, who lay claim to the UK’s oldest and most respected local news titles. This includes names such as Johnston Press, Archant, Newsquest, Independent News and DC Thomson amongst others. By choosing 1XL, your brand is buying into a uniquely British heritage that exudes credibility and prestige, which the Portals can’t even begin to rival. See below for a list of our publishers and their websites.

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