Local Potency. Nationally Delivered Introducing 1XL Pure Scale with
Limitless Opportunities
Mass Localisation Reaching the Heart
of Local Communities


Hopefully by now you have a sound indication of how 1XL can become an essential and irreplaceable component of your advertising strategy. Please contact us on the relevant number below to discuss how we can apply our expertise and know-how to your or your client’s campaign. We have offices in London, Manchester and Edinburgh with an enthusiastic dedicated team who would be delighted to visit you at a convenient time.

London Office

47 Great Marlborough Street
Fleet Street

Telephone: (+44) 020 7832 1638

Fax: (+44) 020 7353 2111

Email: london@1xl.co.uk

Manchester Office

Croxley House
14 Lloyd St
M2 5ND

Telephone: (+44) 0161 828 8500

Fax: (+44) 0161 828 8505

Email: manchester@1xl.co.uk

Edinburgh Office

30 Maritime St Edinburgh
City of Edinburgh

Telephone: (+44) 0131 555 7400

Fax: (+44) 0131 555 7474

Email: edinburgh@1xl.co.uk

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