Contextual Targeting

All 1XL sites are equipped with industry leading contextual targeting capability. This helps ensure your ad will be placed in the most suitable and natural environment possible, reaching users in a mindset where they are most likely to engage with your message. Alongside being able to target outside of the conventional verticals, content targeting provides media transparency: it allows you to know the inventory you’re buying by permitting you to choose content specific impressions within our inventory.

Another way we can contextually target is by offering your campaign brand-ownership. Through targeting content outside of the conventional verticals, we offer you sole ownership surrounding a given theme across every one of our sites. Below are some of the most popular segments that previous clients have chosen to do this with.

Travel content 15.7m impressions
Family content 20.1m impressions
Property content 18.3m impressions
Lifestyle content 16.3m impressions
Business content 22.1m impressions
Shopping content 15.3m impressions
Motor content 15.2m impressions
Sport content 17m impressions
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