Every page impression across 1XL is sought by the user viewing it. Users don’t come to view their email accounts, they don’t visit accidentally because of a deal we have with their hardware or software provider or due to the latest SEO trick. They visit our sites to consume unique, relevant and engaging content; Content produced by in excess of 5,000 salaried British journalists employed by and writing exclusively for our publishers about the issues closest to people’s hearts. That means more journalists and more unique content per user than ANY other digital proposition in the UK marketplace. This content makes sticky, engaged-with sites and that means engagement with your brand and your message.

Many of our news brands have built their relationships with the cities, towns, communities and individuals they have served over hundreds of years. This unparalleled publishing pedigree, combined with the natural ownership many users feel over their close and personal local media brand, means unrivalled levels of trust in the published product.

This is rare in a digital publishing world where global, distant and unaccountable are words that define many media platforms. It is valuable because user trust in our sites and their content means better response, more effective campaigns and desirable brand alignment and outcomes.

The timeline below demonstrates the progressive emergence of local media publishers and their respective titles stretching back over three centuries, beginning with the establishment in 1690 of Newsquest’s Berrow’s Worcester Journal. It also highlights the relatively short existence of the digital portals and platforms.

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