Who’s Playing Lotto, Necking Jaegermeister And Scoffing Fish And Chips?

Did you know that folk from the East Midlands are the most community spirited, that Scots are the keenest Lotto players, and people from the North West snap up the highest number of package holidays?

Of course you didn’t, but we do! It’s this kind of geographical insight data and local knowledge that we automatically apply to every digital media campaign.

Read on to learn which geographical areas have the most internet geeks, where avid fish and chip lovers live and where car ownership is at its highest. While these specific nuggets of knowledge might not be directly relevant for your advertising plans, there will be thousands that are and we are committed to helping you find them, using this unique insight to boost your advertising plans.

The following insights concern the UK and focus on 27.254m households within the 9,667 postcode sectors (1).

  • 97% of you spend half or more of your time within 10 miles of where you live. (2)
  • 89% of you spend half or more of your money within 10 miles of where you live. (2)
  • 76.8% of you live in households which have 2 or more adults in them, the highest proportion of 2 adult households is in East Anglia (GB Index 103) and the lowest is in Scotland (GB Index 94). (3).
  • 71.9% of you access the internet daily, although if you are reading this in London you are the digital geeks at 81.3% (GB Index113) (3)
  • 70.9% of you own a car, but in the South West ownership is the highest in the UK at 80.3%. (GB Index 113) (3)
  • 69.2% have used a retail store card in the last 3 months, 75.7% in East Anglia (GB Index 109) (3)
  • 56.8% of you have played the National Lottery dreaming of becoming millionaires, this dream seems highest in Scotland where 62.5% play, (GB Index 110). (3)
  • 39.8% of you understand that beauty comes from within; this resonates with those in East Anglia where 33.3% agree. (GB Index 112).
  • 18.7% of you have taken a package holidays in the last 12 months, they are most popular in the North West 24.1%. (GB Index 129). (3)
  • 8.8% of you regularly get Fish & Chips as a take away, the Scots embrace this dish the most at 9.9% maybe with a deep fried mars bar! (GB Index 113). (3).
  • 8.3% of you drink Jagermeister, at 10.1% consumption is at its highest in the North East. (GB Index 122). (3)
  • 7% of you are Active Online spenders (those who spend the most online), Tower Hamlets is a particular hot spot at 36.79% (GB Index 531) (5)
  • 3.2% of you help out with local community organisations, the East Midlands has the highest proportion of helps at 4.4%. (GB Index 141). (3)
  • 2.5% of you have invested money in your own business, this is highest in the South East at 3.8%. (GB Index 136). (3)
  • 2.3% of you go to nightclubs regularly, the party animals are up in the North East at 8.1%. (GB Index 191). (3)
  • 1.1% of you live in households classified as ‘luxury lifestyles’, although if you live in Cobham (KT11) close to the Chelsea training ground the percentage dramatically increases to 41.9% (4)
  • 0.5% of you are looking to buy your first home, aspirations are highest in the North East at 1.1%. (GB Index 217). (3).

By now you will have realised that the UK is a complex eco system indeed – its people, their lifestyle, habits and purchasing choices vary wildly depending on their geographic location. We are committed to helping you, your clients and their agencies appreciate this variation and fully exploit its potential. We simplify ad localisation across multiple geographies - we call it mass localisation and it is a fantastically powerful tool.

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Source: (1) Jicpops 2014; (2)The Consumer Catalyst – Think Media; (3) TGI 2014 – Q2; (4) Acorn; (5) eTypes.

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