We’ve worked hard to ensure every single one of our 2.7m average daily users' behaviour has been captured and defined so that we can use them to inform the ad decision process. All of this data is at the fingertips of our optimisation team who are continually uncovering imaginative new ways to optimise your campaigns and make sure we deliver on your campaign goals.

Our industry leading data management platform collects:
11 Data points Up to 11 different data points per user per page
153 Million Page Views Across 153 million page views per month
1.7 Billion Data Points Equating to 1.7 billion data points collected on a monthly basis or nearly a terabytes worth of data
Giving us access to a vast amount of 3rd party data including:
18 Third Party Data Suppliers
2,200 Segments
1.4 Billion Device IDs
1.6 Billion Matched IDs
4.6 Billion Unique Cookies
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