User Targeting

Every 1XL site sits within a single data management platform (DMP) fed by semantic contextual technology that helps us form a granular understanding of what users are consuming. Greater understanding of our audience means greater targeting efficiency; allowing us to draw users toward the right brands, resulting in a higher campaign performance. Through collecting detailed data on our audience’s online behaviour, this market-leading DMP technology helps us to optimise campaigns, expand inventory, retarget users for conversion purposes and build audiences tailored to the campaign’s objectives.

Our DMP is not only powered by first party data from our 26.4m user-base but also uses valuable third party data drawn from 111.4m unique browsers in the UK. This allows us to build an audience from over 2000 different categories, guaranteeing optimised and efficiently delivered campaigns, whatever your objectives.

Targeting Audience DMP

We are committed to connecting brands with their desired audience through analysing users' online behaviours and interests across the UK. The following insights reveal the number of our users which fall into some of the top-line targeting categories.

foodies 11.5m users interested in food
health 14.1m users are health conscious
music 4.9m users interested in music
gardening 5.5m users interested in gardening
beauty 6.6m users interested in beauty
entertainment 11.5m users are entertainment goers
Finance 16.3m users interested in finance
shopping 14.9m users interested in shopping
travel 14.6m users interested in travelling
technology 8.8m users interested in technology
motors 20.1m users interested in motors
fashion 7.2m users interested in fashion
business 15.7m users interested in business
mothers 7.3m users are mothers
education 4.7m users are interested in education
community 16.2m users are interested in their community
environment 7.1m users are interested in the environment
pet owners 12.1m users are pet owners
christmas 10.3m users interested in Christmas
activities 9.5m users interested in outdoor activities
weddings 7.1m users interested in weddings
sport 16.6m users interested in sport
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