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Why 1XL?

  • Scale
    We are the UK’s largest commercial source of news media audience, offering more unique de-duplicated coverage than any other established news publisher as well as MSN(1).
  • Purity
    We are composed entirely of established blue-chip publishers.
  • Unique Content
    Between them our publishers employ 5,000 British journalists, generating more unique content than any UK peer.
  • Sought-media only
    Our audiences visit our sites because they have sought our content; not through SEO trickery or by default.
  • Brand Power
    We bring you more than 1000 long-established, cherished and trusted news brands that have been building trust with our audiences, in many cases for centuries.
  • Powerful, Imminent, Engagement
    Our brands are close to the audiences we serve and the content we publish matters to people’s lives. The mindset that our content elicits translates to our advertisers’ messaging.
  • Sophisticated Audience & Content Segmentation
    Every corner of our proposition is served by a single data management platform informed by a contextual/semantic engine. Not only is our DMP powered by first party data from our 26.4m user-base but it also draws on data from 18 different third party data points. This helps ensure that your campaign is only ever viewed by the most appropriate audiences and surrounded by the most suitable context. Paired with our naturally responsive media platform, this approach delivers exceptional results.
  • Consummate Localisation
    Nobody can localise your brand’s message as effectively or as seamlessly as we can. Effective localisation means localised ad messaging which only looks right in a local context.
  • Creativity & Innovation
    We thrive on unusual briefs and pride ourselves on bespoke, versatile solutions that deliver cut-through and engagement for brands, whatever the brief.
  • Insight & Expertise
    Nobody can provide you with the geo-demographic insight planning and analysis that we can. We have been doing it for 30 years and can probably tell you things you didn’t know about your or your client’s brand.
  • Simplicity
    We deliver the previously complex simply and through one contact for your agency or brand.
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(1) comScore Total Audience December 2015; 1XL 26.4m (comScore endorsed estimate September 2014)
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