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Pure Scale

Formed by a UK media-first partnership between 30 of the UK’s longest established news publishers, 1XL is the UK’s NEW largest source of premium digital news media audience and display inventory. With a Comscore unique audience reach exceeding 26.403m (comScore), we can match the national unique coverage offered by the Portals through display media hosted exclusively on sought-out, unique-content filled and implicitly trusted branded news sites.

Unique Content, Trusted Context

Collectively 1XL publishers employ over 5,000 full-time UK-based journalists covering every corner of the country and providing unparalleled levels of unique content versus ALL other UK news propositions. This keeps our users highly engaged and naturally coming back for more without reliance on SEO and other audience boosting tricks. Furthermore, because we are comprised of some of the most cherished local and regional news brands, our content is implicitly trusted and valued, thereby creating a superlative advertising environment.

Natural and Effective Localisation

1XL doesn’t just provide a superlative environment for nation-wide campaign strategies. By combining nearly all UK local & regional news sites into a single proposition, 1XL offers a consummate ad localisation capability where localised ad messaging is only delivered within a localised media environment and appears totally natural. Experience has shown that this significantly increases click through rates and engagement by up to 8 times, in comparison to non-localised messaging. We specialise in simplifying and scaling ad localisation and can assist you with our PinPoint Planning and Mass Localisation services.

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